Video Marketing 101 For Singapore SMB


The Growing Importance of Using Video Marketing For Conversion


In our previous article, we have talked about how content marketing complement your SEO marketing in improving search engine rankings. In this article, we will go into another type of marketing technique known as Video Marketing which goes hand in hand with SEO search engine optimisation.

Why Video Marketing?

The Year of Video Marketing is far from over as more and more businesses are now using this medium to reach out and engage their customers. Video marketing is a great converting marketing tactic as they give your customers a visually appealing overview of your company’s products and/or services without overloading them with text.

Within a short span of 45 seconds, your customers can get the information they need about your brand, your business and your offerings.

Digital marketing goes well with videos because customers love videos. Platforms such as Facebook Live, Snapchat, Youtube and Periscope are instrumental in accomplishing this purpose. The cost of developing a marketing video is relatively low as compared to a traditional TV or radio ad. Businesses with low budget can use their own built-in phone cameras or simply paid less than $50 in Fiverr for an engaging animated explainer video to be created.

In Singapore more than 50% of the consumers watch videos on their smartphones daily so, this is a valuable tool for communicating with customers.

Videos are being used as integrative tools in marketing jewelry in Singapore. With no custom or import duty paid, the Singaporean jewelry market is bound to grow rapidly hence the need to instigate effective marketing equipment to attract potential customers.

Taka Jewellery, Lovis Diamonds and JannPaul Diamonds Singapore are embracing video marketing technique to create brand awareness and generate sales from this digital marketing strategy. Below video is an example of how JannPaul is using video marketing to drive more brand awareness and generate sales. They have created JannPaul Diamonds Singapore Youtube channel with a series of educational videos such as the ones below to inform, educate and market their Singapore diamonds to viewers as well as to teach the target audience how to select the right solitaire diamond for proposal ring.

You can now have your videos displayed in many social media platforms besides just using Youtube.  Some of the top social sites in which you can now upload your marketing videos are in Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter’s Vine and Vimeo – just to name a few.  More and more young adults and the teens are watching Snapchat videos on their smartphone devices.

An important mistake to avoid in video marketing is this – by not including a clear call to action in your video.  Your video may be great and are able to appeal to customers. However if your viewers have no ideal what is expected of them after they have watched your video, then all your effort and hard work will go down the drain.

Attaching a simple call to action like a discount coupon code or subscribe to your Youtube channel, or visit your website, at the end of your video could help lead to a conversion that may not have happened.

In a nutshell, video marketing is definitely one great way for your business and brand to stand out from the other text-heavy advertisers. When designed and implemented correctly, a video marketing campaign will help your business increase brand awareness, reach more new customers and convert more sales.


Content Marketing Strategy For Singapore SMB

content marketing 101

There has been a significant marketing transformation in the past decade. High-level technology has led to the growth of digital, social media, and mobile marketing as the most utilized marketing tools in contemporary companies. These platforms offer new ways of reaching, informing, engaging, selling, and providing services to customers.

Over the last few years, digital marketing has undergone tremendous changes. The survival of a business depends on knowing these trends and employing them effectively. The primary goal is to create an exceptional customer experience, which culminates to more brand recognition, more traffic, and finally higher sales for the business.

In our earlier articles, we have gone through 5 key marketing strategies that are essential for all businesses to grow – email marketing, blogging, mobile marketing, search engine marketing and social media marketing. In this article, we will talk about “Content Marketing”.

What is Content Marketing?

What you should know about content marketing

You may be wondering what does content marketing mean. According to The Content Marketing Institute, “content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”.

Content marketing is another key component of digital marketing trends used by more and more Singapore’s small and medium enterprises over the last couple of years and will grow in its importance over the next few years as inbound marketing become the new buzz words. The key is providing your audience with “valuable” content that they want to consume it, seek it out rather than avoiding it.


2017 top rated digital marketing strategies


Content marketing is a great digital marketing model used by many prominent B2B brands like Cisco Systems, as well as B2C brands like P&G. It is also a marketing model used by most local businesses in Singapore. Among the various industries, healthcare industry is one that is growing in content marketing. For example, ISO certified Orthotics Lab Singapore, the leading Singapore orthotic insoles provider has embraced content marketing as an effective way of reaching their potential customers and educating them about the health benefits of using custom orthotics rather than buying off-the-shelves shoe insoles.

Content is valuable in educating customers and enhancing search engine rankings. Big brands like Coca-cola and Expedia are practical examples of companies that have driven up their overall sales through content marketing and as a result, one of the largest content marketing agency, Hubspot, established an office in Singapore to offer the service to all types of businesses.

types of content marketing

Content marketing focus on developing online contents to attract, engage and convert new customers. In today’s digital media, consumers are heavily bombarded with advertisements and messages from all corners. It is hard to deliver your value proposition and key brand message across if you do not have a good content marketing strategy to resonate more powerfully with your audience and customers.

use Content Marketing for conversion

With a good content marketing plan, you can grow and build your brand and develop more trust among your customers. More and more businesses are beginning to recognize the positive impact content marketing can deliver. For those business who refuse to acknowledge this growing trend and ignore it will definitely fall behind.

In our next article, we will discuss the next important marketing strategy – video marketing. So stay tuned.

Blogging, Mobile & SEO Marketing Strategies For Singapore Business


Blogging, Mobile & SEO Marketing Trends

In the last article, we went through 2 of the key marketing strategies – Email Marketing & Social Media marketing. In this article, we will cover 3 other key marketing strategies that are essential if you want to see great success online.


Most of Singapore business websites today already have blog content that is maintained regularly but what is the quality of that blog content? Blogging became a popular marketing tactic as part of the search engine optimization SEO marketing.

Many business owners became more concerned with their search engine ranking than paying attention to the actual quality of the blog contents. If a blog content is not providing value to readers and is not interesting or engaging to readers, people will not stick around in your website.

So is important to invest in good digital copywriters to create high quality blog contents to engage your site visitors and to extend information about your business to potential buyers and reach out to a bigger crowd and keeping them loyal.

Search engine marketing

It is also important to hire effective Singapore SEO company to help your site be found by your potential customers in Google and other search engines. SEO is crucial for your website and has become a must-have marketing strategy to reach potential clients and leads.

SEO is important to be found

Without SEO, your website may never gain any viewership to rank highly despite the great blog contents you have online. When your blog pages are properly optimized, targeting search terms related to your business and products, it raise your chances of reaching more potential clients and sales leads, while at the same time lessen the amount of money you need to pay for marketing as compared to paid ads like pay per click. The below Singapore SEO video show how SEO will provide a higher ROI as compared to pay per click and what search engine optimization tasks will include.

Mobile Marketing

Google indicates that more people search for things online using smartphones or mobile devices as compared to computers. Almost 52% of online based activities have happened over mobile phones as compared to desktops and laptops. Consumers use mobile phones to access their emails, watch videos online, engage in social chat group like Facebook messenger, conduct online searches, perform mobile payment services, transact using mobile banking, and do their shopping using mobile phones.

Therefore, it is important for Singapore business owners to optimize their websites to ensure that their web pages were optimized for mobile browsing. Mobile marketing is the name of the game and the future as far as digital marketing is concerned.


The aim should be to exploit the mobile trend by creating mobile friendly websites as well as create mobile applications. If your business do not already have a mobile app, then build one for your brand and offer mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet to your customers. This is especially important for eCommerce business. Leverage the use of mobile marketing to build your ecommerce brand. There are now many affordable options available as compared to few years ago to enable your company to propel into the mobile-centric world.

Follow these marketing trends to help your business grow on digital media and increase your customers reach by manifolds. Bookmark Serlio’s Singapore Business Marketing so you can return often to check out our marketing updates and insights to grow your business.

Marketing Strategies for Singapore Business Growth


Marketing Strategies for Singapore Business Growth

It is important to stay updated on the latest and upcoming marketing trends and adapt to new marketing channels in today’s dynamic business environment. Regardless whether you are a start up or a small business or a big enterprise in Singapore, staying updated is critical for your business success.

Evergreen Marketing Strategies For Business Growth

In this article  and the next few articles, we will outline and go into details on some of the tried and tested marketing strategies that has proven to be effective in helping small medium businesses in their growth.

To create a successful marketing campaign you need to keep yourself exposed to some of the most competent & highly effective marketing strategies. These are e-mail marketing, social media marketing, blogging, mobile marketing, video marketing content, content marketing and search engine marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a new trend in the digital marketing space. It is one of the most direct and effective marketing communication tactic if it is being implemented properly like offering to provide email recipients and target audiences with valuable and helpful information rather than jamming your sales pitches down their throats.


There are many people having the opinion that email marketing is an “outdated” old school, but statistics show the opposite and data proves that email marketing is among some of the marketing strategies that produce a high and positive ROI and definitely is not irrelevant in Singapore competitive market environment.

Email Marketing allows Singapore business owners to establish a direct connection with their customers, an easy way to keep in-touch with their customers and keeping them updated with the introduction of new products or services and keeping customers notified about upcoming sales promotions and discounts.

Social Media

Social media marketing trend is one that most business owners especially the SMB feel the pressure to get into as they see almost everyone is doing it. However in reality only a few are doing this well, in our opinion.

Social media marketing at the very basic is creating business presence online in the top social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest. Setting up a business profile on these social media platforms to market your brand, your products and services through your profile pages as well as investing in some sponsored ads.


The key here is to consistently develop high quality content, actively listening and promptly respond to the social audience questions, comments or even complaints. When implemented well, social media marketing can be an extremely powerful influential marketing tactic to enable you to use the same profiles to market your products and reach out to a wide group of targeted audience.


So far we covered 2 marketing growth strategies, in our next few articles we will highlight other marketing strategies like blogging, video marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing etc.

We invite you to bookmark Sebastiano Serlio’s Singapore Business Marketing site and follow these marketing strategies to help your business grow and increase your reach.